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Balancing Multiple Goals

Balancing Multiple Goals

Is it beneficial to work on more than one goal?

Having more than one goal can help you develop different skills and progress professionally and personally, which can be very rewarding!

As we’ve discussed in other 4WRD blogs, numerous studies have found that breaking goals down into specific action plans and smaller goals works when applied to a single goal. However, when you’re working toward several goals, there’s a different approach that might work more effectively.

Techniques for Balancing More Than One Goal:

In order to juggle more than one goal, try merging your related projects into one project – if applicable, of course. You may also want to schedule your most challenging demands for your peak time of day – or the times of day that you’re the most productive. That way you can do less time-consuming or demanding tasks in off-peak tasks.

Another way to balance all of your goals is to define your success. Does success involve being constantly busy with multiple goals? Does it involve time to rest? Does success emphasize the journey or the destination? Defining what success looks like to you will help you prioritize and plan – making accomplishing more than one goal that much easier.

Shortening your learning curve will also help you find success in more than one area of your life – and you can do this by consulting other people who have accomplished similar goals! Whether it’s testimonials from blog posts, personal connections or friends, or even seeking out a goal/life coach, having guidance from someone else can make accomplishing your goal(s) that much easier and simpler. You may also want to try selecting a role model to give you extra motivation and confidence.

Organizing your tasks can help you accomplish things more efficiently, and keep your mind fresh by segmenting your time and switching between activities.  Your family and workplace are there to help you. Encourage a spirit of community and cooperation in your personal and professional life – if you need help with something, ask!

And lastly, make sure you take time for yourself to exercise, eat well, and get plenty of sleep. You won’t feel as fulfilled by accomplishing your goals if you’ve sacrificed your well-being in the process. It’s important not to push yourself to do too much at one time. Cut down on your stress by reminding yourself that you’re going at your own pace and resist the urge to rush.

Evaluate Your Current List of Goals

  • Think about your WHY. Why do you want to accomplish these goals?
  • Go after goals that are important to you now and change them when necessary
  • Select three priorities from what matters most to you
  • Tactfully decline requests for excessive obligations. Learn to say no graciously.
  • Be realistic about time limits

Need help balancing more than one goal?

Achieving multiple goals doesn’t have to be overwhelming. 4WRD can help you keep track of all of your goals and make sure you’re making the right progress on all of them.

4WRD is a great place to make sure you’re on the right track.

4WRD is the perfect tool to efficiently and successfully work on more than one goal. Your dashboard provides an overview of your progress on all of your current goals, and your timelines show your upcoming actions to keep yourself on track. You don’t even have to think about it as juggling! Using 4WRD allows you to achieve all of the personal and professional goals – no matter how many you have.

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