Move Your Business 4WRD

Cultivating a community focused on achieving goals and encouraging one another through mentoring can transform your organization.

Unlike other platforms, 4WRD fosters teamwork and self development at the same time, making your organization more efficient and productive.

Your 4WRD site is a closed-network environment – providing an exclusive framework in which your organization works toward success without distraction from outsider participation.

Goal Setting

Encouraging employees to set and achieve both personal and professional goals correlates to business success. Goals give team members a sense of direction and purpose, promote cross-functional cooperation, and enhance motivation.


Mentors and mentees build relationships through goal achievement in real-time. In an increasingly virtual world, this encourages employee retention and professional growth, while promoting inter-organizational knowledge and skill sharing.


A purpose-driven workforce creates a strong culture within an organization. 4WRD improves employee motivation and performance, encouraging teams to focus on organizational values – moving your business 4WRD.

Create Your Own 4WRD Movement.

Installation of 4WRD on your domain means the platform becomes embedded within – and aligned with – your unique brand and mission.

  • Maintain your branding and elevate buy-in for organizational initiatives among your team
  • Proprietary access that you control
  • Create and share goals aligned with mission-critical plans and objectives

Mentoring in 4WRD

When it comes to setting and achieving goals, having a mentor is a vital ingredient for success. 4WRD enhances your mentorship programs or acts as a catalyst for starting a mentoring program within your organization.

Mentees can request mentors for any goal that they create or adopt. Working together to achieve a goal is mutually rewarding.

As a mentor in 4WRD, you can find new mentees, as well as manage existing ones. With the platform’s mentor dashboard, mentors can support all of their mentees in one place.

Why Mentoring Is Good for Business...

Businesses that reported an increase in productivity due to mentoring: 76% 76%
Employees who participate in mentorship programs feel their company supports career advancement: 84% 84%
Employees who would stay at a company longer if they were offered opportunities to learn and grow: 91% 91%


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