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10 Ways to Finish What You Start

10 Ways to Finish What You Start

Something that’s often harder than deciding to achieve your goal, and then starting that goal, is actually finishing it!

Whether it’s a lack of motivation, or you’re not sure how exactly to go about achieving your goals, it can be easier to put off progress or even quit rather than reach the finish line. HOWEVER. The most successful people finish what they start. And you can be one of those people too.

Use these techniques to learn how to finish what you start. 

1.Develop a habit. Finishing what you start doesn’t have to be training for a marathon or climbing Mount Everest. Simply try finishing all the little things you start.

  • Wash ALL of the dishes.
  • Fold ALL of the clothes.
  • Finish the chapter you start reading.

Developing a habit with the little things can make it easier to finish your bigger goals. Before long you’ll notice you’re finishing everything you start!


2. Set reasonable time estimates. We often greatly underestimate how long something will take. When a task or goal takes longer than we think it should, it’s easy to become discouraged and quit the task. Instead of assuming everything will go perfectly, try changing your mindset. Assume and plan for possible challenges. You’ll find you’re better prepared and more motivated!


3. Release yourself from the need to be perfect. Perfection is a burden that gets in the way of progress. It takes too much time and destroys your enthusiasm. You can still do something well without taking the time or energy to try to make it perfect. This doesn’t mean you’re giving yourself permission to do things poorly. It means you’re giving yourself the ability to make mistakes and keep going.


4. Keep the benefits of finishing in mind. List the benefits of getting this task done. What will it do for you? How will you feel? Focus on the positive, and you’ll be much more motivated to complete it. This is much more effective than focusing on how much you don’t want to do it or focusing on how miserable the experience can be.


5. Reward yourself for completion. Plan on giving yourself a reward when it’s done. The rewards can be small, but acknowledging a job well done, and complete, is a reason to celebrate!

  • Go out for coffee when your taxes are complete.
  • Meet a friend for dinner when your work is finally done.


6. Remember the times that you’ve quit in the past. We’ve all given up too soon and later regretted it. Quitting something meaningful can have a lasting impact, so don’t repeat your mistake! Hold onto that feeling and use it as motivation to complete what you started.


7. Alternatively, remember the times that you’ve completed a big project in the past. Hold on to that feeling of accomplishment and find it more by completing things, even if they’re just small tasks.


8. Keep track of your progress. Make note of the progress you make or use 4WRD to watch your progress grow. Be proud of your progress and use it as fuel to keep pushing forward.


9. Keep away the negative thoughts. Giving up is the result of negative thinking. Notice when your thoughts are counterproductive and think about how those things can be looked at in a new light. Is it too hard, or are you being presented with an opportunity for growth? This is sometimes referred to as a growth mindset, and practicing changing your thinking can help you achieve anything you set your mind to!


10. Be okay with discomfort. Being uncomfortable doesn’t have to derail your progress. Accept that you’re uncomfortable and keep on going. Like negative thinking, there are going to be times when you’re going to feel uncomfortable and incapable. And that’s okay! Use this feeling to look at your situation with a new lens. You’ll not only see your progress grow, but yourself!

Start Moving 4WRD

If you want to be successful, it’s crucial to learn to finish what you start. We like things that are easy and comfortable, but if you learn to finish what you start, your life can easily become more comfortable for you!


4WRD can help you build a habit of finishing what you start with reminders and timelines to work on your goals. You can also measure your progress and visually see how far you’ve come! 4wrd is the difference between wanting to accomplish your goal, and actually doing it. Move 4wrd today!

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