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14 Habits of Successful People

14 Habits of Successful People

Success is personal and subjective. What success looks like for you may be very different for your friend. However, there are things you can do to set yourself up for success – no matter what success looks like to you!

Use this checklist.

See which habits you have and which ones you can develop so you can find success in all areas of your life.


One of the most common habits of successful people is good organizational skills. Staying organized allows you to plan ahead and set goals for the future. Create a “To-do list” each night before bed, so that you know what tasks need to be completed the next day. Being organized isn’t limited to informational organization! Be sure to keep your work space clean and tidy so your mind can stay organized as well!


A big part of being productive is giving yourself the time to relax and unwind. Worrying about accomplishment and tasks all the time can lower your productivity! Whether you use meditation or another method to relax over the weekend and in the evenings, be sure to get proper rest each day. This can also include breaks, so be sure to take periodic breaks throughout the day to mentally recharge throughout the day.


Having ideas and big dreams is important but can only take you so far! Once you have a plan, be sure to take action. Even if it’s a small step to bring you closer to achieving your goal. Accomplishing one thing can give you motivation and confidence to keep going, even when challenges arise.


Successful people take good care of themselves, making sure to eat nutritious foods, get regular exercise, and maintain good hygiene. Taking care of yourself can also involve mental health days, spending time outside, and spending time with loved ones. Whatever you and your body need, be sure to meet those needs.


Half the battle can often be your mindset. It’s one thing to want to achieve a goal, it’s a completely different thing to believe you can achieve it! Thinking positively will help you overcome most of the challenges you face when you’re pursuing your goals.


Sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know that’s important.

Networking is not as intimidating as it seems. Often a mutual connection can lead to an opportunity! Think about networking as the ability to exchange ideas and expertise with others. There’s a lot of value in collaboration and teamwork.


With practice, you will become thrifty with both your money and resources. There are plenty of ways to cut back on what you spend with apps and lists, but you should also think about what you’re spending on. Limit your spending on new clothes and other non-essential items and instead focus on inventive ways to use what you already have. You can also spend a day or two donating or recycling things you may not need anymore.


The more time you are able to devote to being successful, the more likely you are to be successful. If you enjoy taking walk and savoring coffee in the morning, try getting up earlier so you don’t feel you have to rush to get to work every day. You can also try to get up earlier and earlier incrementally – or about 5 minutes earlier each day – if the idea of getting up early isn’t as appealing to you. You can train your body to rise earlier naturally by sticking with a routine, so consistency is key!


\Whether it is donating to a charity, or sharing what they have learned, successful people share. Try sharing success tips or things that have worked for you with your goals on 4WRD! It’s the perfect place to share what you’ve learned.


Reading is an important way of gaining vital knowledge and insight. Whether you spend a few minutes catching up on the news or read a chapter of a novel before bed each night, making a habit of reading can broaden your perspective and challenge the way you see the world, which can spill over into other areas of your life!


When you’re meant to be focused, it can be easy to fall down the social media rabbit hole. Learn what environment helps you best and set yourself up for success! Avoid Netflix and other distractions during the day so they are even more rewarding in the evening.


Rather than letting a potential problem get you down, try to change your mindset and see a challenge as a gift to learn from. If a similar challenge occurs in the future,  you may be able to resolve it more effectively. Challenges can also spark your creativity and enable you to see new ways to accomplish your goals.


Skipping important details can cost both time and money. When you pay attention to the details, you’ll be more accurate and efficient with your time and money.


Living inside your comfort zone and playing it safe can lead to you missing opportunities in life. When you live outside your comfort zone, you’ll be able to make calculated risks that may end up being incredibly rewarding.


Don’t look at this list as an overwhelming to-do list, but rather different ways to build good habits that can help you reach success. What starts out as a choice that you make each day, can soon become automatic habits. It just takes practice!


4WRD can help you build these habits as well as keep track of your goals in a meaningful and efficient way. Sharing what you’ve learned, networking with others, and keeping a routine are all built into 4WRD so all you have to do is get to work! 4wrd Can be the difference between wanting and doing – Join 4wrd today!

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