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5 Habits to Develop a Healthy Mindset

5 Habits to Develop a Healthy Mindset

Why is it that some people find it so easy to exercise, eat healthy, and prioritize themselves while so many others struggle?

One of those reasons is a difference in mindset.

If you view yourself as someone that can’t eat healthy or follow a diet, you’ll find it very challenging to eat well or follow a diet. Do you see yourself as a person that doesn’t enjoy exercising or going to the gym? If so, you probably won’t go to the gym regularly.

BUT with the appropriate mindset, you can do anything!

Try these habits to help you transform your mindset:

1. Make healthy choices and give them proper recognition. The best way to think of yourself as someone that makes healthy choices is to make them regularly. Whenever you make a healthy choice, notice it and announce to yourself, “I’m the kind of person that chooses healthy food over unhealthy food.” Or, “I’m someone that can go to bed earlier and ignore my phone.” When you view health and wellness as part of your identity, the behaviors that support that belief occur more naturally.

2. Consider how each decision impacts your health. Most people never consider the impact a decision has on their health. They choose food based on what they happen to feel like eating at that moment, or they stay up late watching “just one more episode.” When faced with options, ask yourself, “Which option best supports my health?”  When you begin asking this question, you’ll begin the process of changing your mindset.

3. Take wellness breaks. If your job requires you to sit for long periods of time, make sure you take walks around your block or stand and stretch for a few minutes. If you find you’re tempted to get snack foods at the grocery store, make a list ahead of time and stick to it. This doesn’t mean you can’t get snacks and treats! But limit those treats to a few and include them on your list so you don’t buy more than you planned for. If you find you get overwhelmed by your to-do list, break them down into smaller items, and then tackle them one at a time.

4. Make time for exercise. Avoid the mindset of, “I’ll exercise today if I have time.” Make time in your regular schedule for exercise. Plan out your week and decide when and where you’re going to work out. You can certainly arrange for 30 minutes of exercise a few times each week. And your exercises don’t always have to be long runs or heavy lifting. Going for a long walk in your neighborhood can be just as good for you as a hard workout. Try to do 30 minutes of exercise every day.

5. Use affirmations. Write five affirmations that affirm your commitment to health and spend a few minutes each day reciting them. Here are a few examples:

  • I make my health a priority.
  • I love to keep my body fit and healthy.
  • I make my mental health a priority.
  • I take time out of my day to prioritize myself.
  • I know what I need to feel good about myself and I can provide myself with those things.


Possessing a mindset that supports your goals is a critical part of becoming a healthier person. We often live up to our expectations and beliefs about ourselves. If you believe you’re one of those people that prioritizes your mental and physical health, then you will become that person. Change your mindset and your life will change, too.


The More you practice healthy habits, the easier it is to change your mindset. And you’ll start to see and feel the effects! 4wrd can help you keep your habits and reach your mental and physical wellness goals. it’s one thing to say you want to improve your health, and another to put it into practice and change your mindset.  4wrd is the tool that can be the difference between wanting and doing! with built-in timelines, accountability features, and customizable action plans, your habits will become your lifestyle in no time.

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