Module 4 – Topic 23: Are Your Habits Helping Or Hurting You?

A habit is described as something you do over and over again, automatically, without thinking about it. We’re all profoundly affected by the habits in our lives. At times, we mindlessly repeat behaviors related to our home lives, work personas, and relationships. When a certain situation occurs, you do the familiar behavior. Since your life [...]

Module 3 – Topic 22: Summary and Reflection

The primary idea of this module is to approach your goals in a systematic fashion. There are countless theories of how to set and achieve goals. Many of them are ineffective. Systemization streamlines the process and cuts out the speculation. Know your intentions. It’s not possible to create a positive future without determining for yourself [...]

Module 3 – Topic 20: Developing New Empowering Habits

Swapping a negative habit for a positive habit is a powerful success skill. However, there are times when installing a new habit is necessary, even if there isn’t a negative habit to replace. You’ll have a better understanding of how to create new habits by the completion of this lesson. Be sure to view and/or [...]

Module 3 – Topic 18: Negative Habits and Their Effects

Nobody consciously chooses to be unhappy, but you can cause yourself a lot of misery by engaging in negative mental habits. The outcomes we experience in life are often the result of our habits. Eliminating counterproductive habits from your life is the first step to experiencing true happiness. Be sure to view and/or download Course [...]
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