Module 1 – Topic 6: How to Raise Your Expectations of Yourself

With your winning mindset, you’re ready for anything now. Did you complete the assignment of investigating your favorite famous, successful people? One of the important aspects of success is having high expectations for yourself. The more you expect of yourself, the more you can accomplish. Raising your own personal expectations can enable you to accomplish [...]

Module 1 – Topic 2: Thinking Your Way to Success

Success begins with the mindset, and to build the most effective mindset, it’s important to understand what success means to you. You’ve completed the process of designing your own definition of success. Let’s move forward with training your mind to help you reach that success. We’ll start with affirmations. Affirmations can be a powerful pool to [...]

Module 1 – Topic 1: What Does Success Mean to You?

Welcome to “Train Your Brain for Success” course! This course enables you to evaluate your life and goals and formulate a successful plan for achieving those goals. In order to get the most from this course, please take advantage of everything that’s provided for you. In addition to the lessons with focused activities to help [...]
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