Module 5 – Topic 36: Summary and Reflection

There’s a lot to do to create the best year of your life. But none of it is particularly challenging. Determine the lifestyle that would appeal to you most. This is the starting point. Then look to your past for clues about yourself and your mistakes. What do you do well? Where do you have [...]

Module 5 – Topic 34: Do You Have What It Takes

When you’re aware of the obstacles you’re likely to face, you can prepare yourself and gather the proper resources before you need them. That’s a good start, but it’s not enough if you want to be successful consistently. It’s also important to be willing to transform yourself. Be sure to view and/or download Course Materials [...]

Module 5 – Topic 32: Gather Your Resources

The previous lesson was about the importance of balance in your life. When your life is out of balance, it’s easy to be unhappy. This lesson deals with resources – determining your resources and gathering them together. Be sure to view and/or download Course Materials under the tab at the top of the page. Download [...]

Module 5 – Topic 31: Strive for Balance

After creating the ideal vision for your lifestyle, it’s important to consider the importance of balance. You can achieve your dreams and still manage to make a mess out of your life if you’re not careful. Unless you’ve intentionally put your life in balance, it’s unbalanced. Having balance among the various parts of your life [...]

Module 5 – Topic 30: Design Your Life

Your past is a gift you can use to determine your future.The clues your previous behaviors and results provide can be used to create the future of your dreams. Be sure to view and/or download Course Materials under the tab at the top of the page. Download File

Module 5 – Topic 29: Living the Best Year of Your Life

This is the last module. You’ve undoubtedly made some great strides if you’ve put the lessons into action. This final module is built around readying yourself to have your most successful and exciting year ever. You may have tried to change your life before without much success. However, with the right process, it’s possible to [...]

Module 4 – Topic 28: Summary and Reflection

This module further expands one of the topics in the previous module – Habits. Most people acknowledge they have both good and poor habits. Few understand the long-term implications of those habits. It’s important to determine if your habits are benefiting you or causing harm. Most habits have consequences that appear positive in the short-term. [...]
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