Create the World You Dream About

The Science & Techniques Built Into 4WRD Increase Odds of Reaching Goals Up to 95%

Neuroscience + Psychology + Social Interaction & Community = Goal Achievement Success.

Create the World You Dream About

The Science & Techniques Built Into 4WRD Increase Odds of Reaching Goals Up to 95%

Neuroscience + Psychology + Social Interaction & Community = Goal Achievement Success.

Stop Dreaming. Start Changing Your Life.

4WRD is a web-based tool developed around cutting-edge, evidence-based, science that practically guarantees personal and professional goal achievement success.
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Record Goals

We all have hopes and dreams… things we want to see, do, and accomplish. 48% of Americans set goals. Only 8% achieve them. Science-backed goal achievement research proves that writing down or recording goals makes us 50-80% more likely to meet the goals we set in and for our lives.

Track Progress

Charting a course for goal achievement is a vital step between “here” and “there.” 4WRD makes it simple to create action plans and goal “roadmaps”  that are easy to follow.  Both these actions are yet another way we can increase the chance we’ll meet or exceed our goals by up to another 30%.

Stay Accountable

4WRD’s social community keeps you accountable. This is where the magic happens. When we commit to our goals publicly, we increase odds of achievement by 65%. Regular progress check-ins are also easily shared with others in 4WRD, raising our probability of success by as much as 95%.

Chart Your Success Course


Record Your Goals

Create Your Action Plan

Track & Share Results

Check In Regularly

Behavioral Science & Psychology-Backed Strategies Are Baked Into 4WRD's Design Letting You "Hack" Goal Setting to Finally Get Results.

Designed Based on Principles of Neuroscience and Psychology that Nearly Guarantee Goal Achievement.
4WRD is grounded in and developed from 45+ years of research, study, empirical testing, and analysis in:
  • Goal Setting Theory
  • Multiple-Intelligences Education
  • Career Acceleration Methodologies
  • Mental Health Management
  • Psychology and Physiology Best Practices
  • Personal and Organizational Development Strategies
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What Experts On Goal Setting Say About the Science Behind 4WRD

Willie Crawford Expert

Willie Crawford - Entrepreneur • Business Consultant • Socially Conscious Philanthropist

As someone who went from extreme poverty to what many would consider rich, I'm amazed at how thin the line of self-limiting beliefs that one has to step across really is.

Lisa Christiansen Expert in Goal Setting

Dr. Lisa Christiansen - Author • Innovator • Expert

In life you will find two things... a way and an excuse. For what you want enough you will find a way, for what you don't you will find an excuse... Procrastination is the abortion of success. Will you choose to follow the roads of others or will you cut your own path? This is the question I will leave you with.

Blaine Wood

Blaine Wood - Sr Sales Director

Goals give our lives meaning. Never have a lack of goals in your life. Having goals drives passion and gives you something to look forward to...

Kim Brooks 9

Kim Brooks - Business Consultant • Educator • Success Coach

Learning science and psychology-backed strategies to ``hack`` goal setting lets you finally achieve the things you desire. With 4WRD, you can accelerate that too, since the science is built into the platform. 4WRD is a tool that helps you put the science and power of goal setting theory to work immediately and effortlessly, amplifying results.

Everyone Has Dreams.

What Are You Doing to Make Yours Happen?

The team behind 4WRD has decades of experience deconstructing and amplifying goal achievement. Yet, after watching so many (including themselves) set goals and then fall short or give up, over and over, they set out to develop a solution for reversing this pattern once and for all. 4WRD’s foundational principles include time-tested and proven goal theory, blended with cutting-edge neuroscience, neuroplasticity concepts, and multiple intelligence-focused education. Synthesizing this powerful high-touch formula with high-tech in a digital social community environment, now the goal-achievement power uncovered through their years of study and practice is available to everyone. 4WRD combines a nearly-foolproof methodology with an easy-to-use web-based tool, making it possible to realize nearly any goal with a 95% success rate.

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