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Beating Decision Fatigue

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The Idea of Decision Fatigue Looks At Whether the Decisions We Make Help or Harm Our Well-Being

Decision fatigue theory contends that the more decisions we need to make in a set period of time, such as within a single day, the worse we’ll be at “downstream decisions.” Generally speaking, because we no longer have enough “willpower” to weigh potential options and use a formalized decision-making strategy to make educated, research-backed, choices. Ultimately, this often prevents us from realizing the best possible outcome or the highest level of success.

BUT is decision fatigue REALLY REAL? Is it true that after you have made so many decisions in a day that the rest of your decisions will just suck?

Many studies say so. In fact, many seemed to prove that decision fatigue has very real effects on productivity, progress, results, and even successful outcomes in business and life.

This course will allow you to decide for yourself if decision fatigue is real, and whether or not it impacts your decisions. You’ll also discover strategies for beating decision fatigue once and for all to improve the quality of your decisions now and into the future.

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