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4WRD creates an arena of possibility. It’s where people can explore and achieve new levels of growth in their lives while inspiring others to reach their goals.


4WRD’s mission is to build a community with goal-oriented individuals to encourage and celebrate big and small achievements. We want to help people create goals, achieve success, and inspire others to move 4WRD.


A world that moves 4WRD with the power of positivity, encouragement, and goal achievement.


A social platform with heart, connecting individuals & coaches around a common good, empowering communities to support & succeed, helping society achieve real life goals.


Welcome to 4WRD.

Thank you for joining the 4WRD community. We’re excited to get you started!

Moving Your Business 4WRD

As a business with 4WRD, you and your team can cultivate a community focused on achieving goals and encouraging one another through mentoring. Your 4WRD site is a closed-network environment – providing an exclusive framework for your organization to work towards success without distraction from outsider participation. Unlike other platforms, 4WRD fosters teamwork and self-development, making your organization more efficient and productive.




Initial Setup.

We offer full set-up of your private domain.

  • Your own closed network domain included with your account. This will look like “organization”.4wrd.com.Item on List
  • Limit which email addresses sign up for your network (such as @4wrd.com).
  • Add email addresses that are outside of your organization.
  • Customize up to 9 categories.
  • Customize the look and feel of the site to fit your organization’s brand.



This domain will begin with https:// followed by your custom domain name and .4wrd.com.
If your network is open, anyone with an email can sign up and join.
4WRD’s homepage and media can be customized for your organization.
If you are electing to utilize custom skins in your platform, please include any branding information we need to know. This includes color HEX codes and any other special visual instruction.
(ie: @company-name.com)
Please provide the list of categories you would like to use in your network. At least 1 is required. (ie: Business, Crafts, Education, Finance, Fitness, Health, Home, Lifestyle, Self-Improvement) Categories will help your organization organize goals, interests, and mentors. Each of these is linked to one or more categories to help users navigate more efficiently.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please upload an EPS or PNG or GIF of your logo with a transparent background. You may upload a JPG but if we have to remove a solid background, we cannot guarantee logo quality. Resolution should be a minimum of 150 DPI for best visual results.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Any other graphic files we need for custom skins.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Any other graphic files we need for custom skins.
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