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Rest for Success? The Importance of Downtime to Your Productivity and Your Well-Being

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Rest… could it actually be that RESTING MORE could be the key to ACHIEVING MORE?

Today, it seems like being busy, overworking, and “never resting” is almost worn like a badge of honor. There is so much pressure on us to keep going—work longer, perform higher; DO MORE. The result is that we work too hard, we rush too much, we exercise too much or too little, we eat quickly or poorly, and we don’t sleep enough.

Yet, instead of helping us get more accomplished, all this “work” and no rest, can have the opposite effect of what we desire. Burning the candle at both ends is actually bad for business, bad for relationships, and bad for our well-being. Burnout, chronic fatigue, depression, and other illnesses can even be a result.

our lives, increases focus as well. When focus — also sometimes called attention or concentration — is at its highest, we can work easier, faster, and better. Of course, the opposite is true as well.

Re-training ourselves to value “rest” isn’t always easy but the results… can be MINDBLOWING.

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