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The Role of Personal Responsibility in Goal Setting and Goal Achievement

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Our successes and failures are our personal responsibility. The best goal setting strategies and practices won’t work if we don’t or can’t take personal responsibility for our direction, and our results.

Responsibility… it seems like such a basic thing. Adults should know what it means to be responsible, right? Sure, to some degree.

Yet, there is another level—another dimension—to “responsibility” that sometimes gets overlooked. And when this scope of responsibility is missed, ignored, or simply not understood, it’s like putting a restrictor plate on a race car when it comes to what we can achieve.

Responsibility, sometimes called “personal responsibility” doesn’t just mean we are committed to our goals and the steps and actions it takes to achieve them. It’s also taking the necessary steps—no matter what—that it takes to get from point A or “here,” to point B or “there.” It’s also believing that we have the power—the capability, ability, and motivation—necessary to shape our future, pursue our path, and determine our success.

In this course, we are going to explore exactly how to ensure we practice responsibility effectively, so that we get the greatest results when we pursue our goals and objectives.

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