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Discover Your Life Meaning & Lead a Meaningful Life

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Is the Key to Real Happiness, Living a Meaningful Life? What Does That Mean? How Do You Live a Meaningful Life to Become or Stay Happy?

Many experts in the field of psychology say that living a meaningful life – or feeling that your life has meaning – does not necessarily create happiness, but it IS the true key to happiness.

But what does that mean—to live a meaningful life? And is that happiness? Or how does it create or contribute to feelings of happiness? Is happiness a state of being? Or is happiness a feeling?

All of these questions can be confusing—and seeking their answers… frustrating.

Whatever a meaningful life means to you, you must feel like you are achieving (or at least pursuing) that thing or those things, in order to be or feel happy.

This course will teach you how to figure out what it is that makes your life meaningful so that you can be, get, or stay happy.

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